Areas of Activity

The wellbeing of human individuals takes centre stage in our strategic positioning. We promote businesses and events which place a high priority on humans and their wellbeing.

The environment is indispensable for the wellbeing of human individuals. Likewise, it is also an essential part of our mission. We will not engage in any kind of activities which imperils the environment we live in. Instead, we promote businesses and events which will preserve our environment for future generations.

Communication is a central need of any person. Thus, one pillar of our activities is to promote businesses which provide and improve access to communication.

Every society is characterised by a distinct culture which covers a variety of aspects of life within that group, such as social behaviour, beliefs, laws, and arts. Any kind of cross-border engagement inevitably involves cultural aspects. Being open-minded towards a different culture is very helpful in international business. For this reason, our mission is to foster the cultural understanding between China and Europe and to eliminate any cultural misunderstandings that may arise.

Personal mobility is very important for wellbeing and happiness. Advanced age often brings reductions in personal mobility. A central part of our mission is to contribute to peoples’ mobility by promoting the products and services of our member companies and by educating our members.

Lifestyle describes the way a person lives and encompasses interests, opinions, personal values, and behaviours. Lifestyle is strongly influenced by demographic variables and can be very different across cultures. As an international business alliance connecting China and Europe, respecting and fostering different lifestyles is a major part of our strategy.

Education is the foundation of human development and a major contributor to peoples’ wellbeing. A central part of our mission is to educate our members through various formats, such as lectures, workshops, webinars, and conferences.

Health plays a central role in the wellbeing of individuals. Across cultures, health is regarded as the most important contributor to peoples’ quality of life. For this reason, health also plays a vital role in our strategic positioning. Our founding member AQUILIA HEALTH is an international healthcare company that brings in rich experience in the international healthcare industry and operational management of healthcare facilities.

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